Respite Care

Do You Need Respite Services?

Respite care is a short break from caregiving responsibilities. Caregivers should use respite services to give themselves the opportunity to rest and recharge.

End of Life Companionship

Shanen, the respite caregiver of La Crosse, is an end-of-life companion. This form of respite care provides non-medical, holistic support and comfort to a dying person and their family. Including education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual, or practical care, from as early as initial diagnosis through bereavement.​


Shanen can help ease talking about death & dying and make it more comfortable. It is okay if you don’t know how to ask for or offer support when someone you love is dying; as an end-of-life companion, Shanen can help.

​Having accompanied individuals and families before, during, and after the time of transition from this world allows her to ease this transition for you. She supports individuals, families, and significant others during the end-of-life process.

Services Include:

  • Coordination with other care providers

  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines, etc.,)

  • Preparing light healthy meals

  • Running errands (prescription pick-up, shopping, etc.)

  • Accompanying to medical appointments and social engagements

  • Engaging in meaningful activities

  • Companionship and conversation

  • Housekeeping support

  • Hands-on, non-medical comfort measures

  • Life review and legacy work

  • Logistical planning

  • Bedside vigil

  • Identification of community resources


Basic Rate

One hour: $50

Call 608-386-7712