I want to help! Let's start by answering some of your questions.

When is it time for Companion Care or an End of Life Companion?

The sooner the better! There is no set amount of time or specific signs as to when to ask for help. However, once the time comes for you, an End of Life Companion can help by taking the stress of you so you can enjoy your time.

What end of life measures can an End of Life Companion help with?

  • As an End of Life Companion, I can help you or your family with a variety of different end of life measures to make your journey as easy as possible. Some common measures clients have enjoyed help with are:
    • Eulogy
    • Funeral Arrangements/cremation/a later celebration of life
    • Stress of Death
    • Closure
    • Grief/forgiveness

What do YOU what to be remembered for?

  • This question can be kind of intimidating and that is why I am here to help. We will sit down and create a bucket list or any final wishes that you may have and talk about what we can do to help you achieve them.
  • Eulogy’s can be stressful especially when it is your own. I can help take away that stress by helping you create your story in a way that you want to be remembered for.

What is the cost of an average funeral?

The average cost of a funeral with burial is $8,700. This does not include the burial plot or interment fee, which can be several thousand dollars more. On average it costs $6,000 for a funeral with cremation

How are you providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As an End of Life Companion my goal is to be present in your life and to never leave anyone alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has made that challening but it has not stopped me. Some ways that I am accomidating are: -Telephone Calls -Zoom/web Meetings -Sitting outside socially distanced in a driveway or on a patio -Sitting outside a window and having a conversation with the window open or over telephone


Dealing with advanced illness and grief can be challenging.

Here are some resources to support you along your journey: